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Universal Protection security 2255 Challenger Way Suite 103 Santa Rosa California phone number 707-575-6909 Unfair hiring manager LiZ. Joe masson Universal Protection security is not a fair opportunity employer. I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life. I went in for a job interview and I ended up having to call the police and ask him to make a report. I go on the job interview I meet up with Liz everything goes well. LiZ decides to send me to another site viavi 2789 Northpoint santa Rosa Ca . Before I GET TO site liz tells me I have to go throw .another background check I agree to it if I would of knew they were going to not accept the back ground application because of the way i look . I wouldn't have not even wasted my time i would have went to a diffrent site I go to the site interview with Joe Mason the hiring manager for that site everything is well he interviews me he's talking about his new job as a dispatch that he's currently going to get then he decides to take me to the background process to Mike . [continued below]...

..... Mike a Hispanic guy looks at me in disgust like dirt on the floor first look impression of me.

I sit down with Joe Mason Mike starts asking me a series of questions. I answer all the questions did Mike decides he does not want to put my application through the computer because there's a hundred and fifty pages. And he obviously does not feel like doing this job. I walk into the room into the building and I observe nothing but Caucasian people as an strong African American woman when he tells me he doesn't even want to try and put my application through the computer I've then asked myself is it because I'm black. So then I asked him for the name of the background company so I can look into it myself I told him thank you for his time. Me and Mike are now walking down stairs and I asked Mike I think it's strange that he didn't want to put my application through he didn't even want to try and I came all the way over here just for him to deny me and not even try to put the paperwork down and I look around me and every person around me is Caucasian so then I asked Mike is it because I'm black you know as freedom of speech . not that I was disrespect them or being belligerent or you know just I wanted to know the honest truth was it because I was black. Joe then said no its not that he just dosnt want to do it. I Then left very mad and frustrated.

I called Liz and I told her that I just got back from the interview I felt a little bit of racism and that I don't think that it was going to work out for me. This thing called me back 5 minutes later and tells me she just got off the phone with Joe and he said I said the MF word and I pulled the race card so she no longer wants to have me as an employee. Hung the phone up in my face didn't even care to ask me what happened. Then drive back to the office and try to defend myself. Liz unreasonable hiring manager didn't even want to talk to me cut me off every sentence I had to say and it's hard to respect somebody who's not respecting you if I let you talk then when I'm talking let me talk. The fact that you would even try to take the time to develop a relationship or try to back up your employee or bother to ask what happened or even listen to their side of their Story shows your unreasonable is not fair so then which made which led me to think she was racist. She then went back into her office cubicle cubicle slam the door I was then out front talking to the two assistants which were sweethearts and were very understanding who gave me the corporate office number . It took a while for the employees to look up the number and I was sitting there telling them what happened. Then some fat a** a guy comes from behind the back and starts threatening me to get out now get out now you're not going to do that in here and get your a** out here now so as a strong black African American woman to come in for an interview and it be thrown out like a piece of dirt I feel very degraded thank God he didn't grab me there would have been mase everywhere.

So the bigger better side of me then called the police and try to have the police make a report so that when I do take them to civil court or the better Better Bureau Business I have a report I couldn't get the officer to make a report . He told me it was civil and to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Joe Mason then pulls up the guy who just did the interviews with me about 5 minutes down the road that listen to and he starts talking to the police to cover up the lie that he just told us as to why Liz no longer wants to work with me and you must have told her something really bad because you just when I came back to the office she just didn't want to deal with me at all so I'm sure he came down there to cover up what he said. The police talked to him for about 2 minutes then asked me to leave and not to come back to that property or the property I just came from or I will be arrested for trespassing. I feel like I got set up. I don't like to waste my time. I would not have accepted that interview if I woulda knew there was a possibility that he wasn't going to do the background check at all. 2 rights against one black he didn't even want to hear what I had to say or what happened. I walked out on a lot of anger frustration outrage how would you feel if someone lied on you I felt degraded I feel humiliated I felt embarrassed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Universal Inc Office Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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